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  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward_217.jpg

    Putting your Best Foot Forward

    Congratulations! You finally landed your dream job. Most think it is a relief, but it does not end there. Getting ready for your first big day can...

  • Preparing for Interview_990.png

    Preparing for an Interview

    Now that you have landed an interview through our MakeYourMove portal, it is up to you to make a powerful and positive fi...

  • Job Hunting Strategies_88.png

    Job Hunting Strategies

    MakeYourMove Recruitment portal makes it easy for you, as a job seeker, to browse through numerous vacancies for a variety of job posts across our...

  • cover letter writing tips-06_571.png

    Cover Letter Writing Tips

    We often pay more heed to polishing or brushing up our resumes before applying for a job, and we seldom consider the value and influence of a cover...

  • resume tips-03_362.png

    Resume Writing Tips

    Today, every industry in the job market is populated with thousands of applications. In fact, on average around 250 resumes are received for each c...

  • boost your employability-04_829.png

    Boost your Employability

    The job-hunting process can be a tedious one, involving multiple steps and layers. Fortunately, through the MakeYourMove platform, a significant co...

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