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    Inclusive Workplace Culture

    You have recruited the perfect hires, and finally created a team of competent, driven and productive employees who have what it takes to meet your...

  • employee induction-11_150.png

    Induction Process

    Once you have taken aboard the right candidate for your organization, with the support of our MakeYourMove recruitment se...

  • Conducting Effective Interview_597.jpg

    Conducting Effective Interviews

    Our service at MakeYourMove will guarantee that you connect with a range of candidates who are genuine, qualified and eag...

  • Effective Shortlisting Process_914.png

    Effective Shortlisting Process

    The entire recruitment process can be a lengthy one, involving many steps from determining the gaps in the organization, to generating a list of va...

  • sources of recruitment-03_804.png

    Sources of Recruitment

    There are a variety of sources that organizations use to recruit the best fit for their vacancies that have been tried and tested. There are some a...

  • tips to improve hiring process_388.png

    Tips to Improve your Hiring Process

    Recruiting and hiring the right candidate for your team can seem challenging. Candidates with the best skills may seem to...

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