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    Induction Process

    Once you have taken aboard the right candidate for your organization, with the support of our MakeYourMove recruitment services, it is now up to you to paint a clear and colorful picture for your new employee.

    Research has found that a well-structured employee induction can improve staff retention by 82%.

    So, how can you ensure that your company’s induction program is pristine? Here are 4 tips:

    1. Cover the basics

    By considering basic requirements, your new employee will experience a smooth first day, and will get a sense that their presence is meaningful. Ensure that their workspace is set up, and that their login details, email addresses, and security access are organized. Take them on a tour around the office and introduce them to their new colleagues to initiate a sense of belonging. Make sure to talk through aspects such as work hours, dress codes and pay periods, so that all their common questions are answered, before they should ask.

    2. Be accessible

    As much as you will try to provide all the information, new employees will arrive with a range of questions about how to perform their best in their role, and blend into the team culture. Make yourself approachable, and accessible, so that you can answer these questions. Schedule regular check-ins to show your interest in their progress and to provide an opportunity for clarifications. This will ultimately benefit both parties.

    3. Take it gradually

    Starting a new role can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, so avoid overloading your new employee with too much information or expectations in the early days. Give them time to settle into their spot and their role, absorb the new environment and information. Perhaps, have some initial and straightforward tasks ready to get them started on. This will help them build their confidence, and they can progress to more complex work with time.

    4. Ask for feedback

    The best way to improve your employee induction process, is to ask new hires about their experiences. This can give you first-hand insight into what changes need to be made, and how the process can be made more effective for your next hires.

    Remember, a strong induction process can improve productivity by over 70%. So, if you want to retain your new hire, and ensure that they are performing at their full potential, contributing strongly to your organizational success, develop a valuable induction program.

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