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    Inclusive Workplace Culture

    You have recruited the perfect hires, and finally created a team of competent, driven and productive employees who have what it takes to meet your organizational goals. However, how can you ensure that both old and new staff are able to realize their full potentials and thrive at the workplace?

    The key is to create a dynamics of inclusivity and maintain this workplace culture throughout.

    Here are some tips to sustain an inclusive workplace culture at your organization

    1. Connect with employees

    In order to help employees experience a sense of belonging, feel valued, and feel as though they have a voice, it is important to establish a personal connection with them - from simple gestures such as daily greetings and exchanges and asking them how their time at the company has been, to finding out what challenges they may be facing, and how aspects of their personal life are coming along.

    2. Actively seek feedback

    Establish a range of ways to collect feedback from employees. This can include regular employee surveys to team discussions and meetings, to one on ones. When members of your team are able to share their feedback, and feel comfortable relaying their perspectives and stories, it will create an open dialogue that can lead to more positive outcomes for the company in general.

    3. Support collaboration

    Encourage employees to work together to meet goals. A collaborative work environment allows the maximization of each person’s unique skills and abilities. It also eases any barriers and encourages inclusion on a company-wide level. In order for collaboration to work, make sure to emphasize the importance of open-mindedness and respect, give each member the opportunity to be heard, and attribute credit for their contributions and ideas.

    4. Educate leaders

    Inclusivity starts from the top. It is important to make sure that executives, managers and all leaders are familiar with the concept, its impact, what the end goal is, and what the plan of action is to embed this culture into the workplace. Skills such as active listening, and the right communication is therefore essential here.

    5. Positive reinforcement

    Make sure you reinforce the desired behaviour. You get what you reward. So whenever the new employee displays desired behaviour, give him/her a quick here-and-now appreciation. As Ken Blanchard, in his book ‘One Minute Manager’, very appropriately advises to “catch them doing something right”.

    Overall, creating a culture of inclusion at the workplace has a direct impact on aspects that are essential for the company’s success, including fostering a healthy work environment, increasing employee engagement and productivity and generating more creativity and innovation.

    By taking on board qualified candidates that are especially chosen for you by our MakeYourMove team, and through following the inclusivity tips above, you can be sure to reach new heights for your organization.

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