Job Detail

Quality Controller

Apply Before: Nov 24, 2022

Job Detail

  • Location:
    Mbeya, Tanzania
  • Company:
  • Type:
    Contract (Fixed Term)
  • Career Level:
    Senior Management
  • Positions:
  • Experience:
    5 - 10 Years
  • Education:
  • Profession:
    Quality Control
  • Industry:
  • Remuneration (Net):
  • Date Posted:
    Aug 27, 2022

Job Description

Juice/Water Line

  • Inspect Blown bottle/ Plastic Closures/Cups are stored are hygienic & free from any contamination
  • Ensure the correct & accurate labeling in blown bottles.
  • Ensuring the Empty/Filled light inspection done effectively to eliminate the defective empty/filled bottles
  • Ensure Light Inspector rotation is carried out as per the schedule. Effectiveness to be checked periodically
  • Ensure empty bottles are rinsed with sufficient pressure to remove any unwanted materials
  • Product filling in the Cup/Bottle is as per standard
  • Ensure filled bottle capping is done properly to avoid any leakage or tamper-evident seal breakage.
  • Ensure the foil sealing in the cup are proper & aligned to avoid any leakage or tampering.
  • Date coding in filled bottles/caps is to be as per legal requirement & legible. Batch nos. of date coding must be aligned with the beverage blending batch no. for traceability.
  • Ensure the checkers are checked each pack effectively to ensure no leakage or contaminated bottles/cups is goes for secondary packaging.
  • Ensure proper placement of finished products in tray/crate. Cleaned crates are to be used.
  • Ensure proper shrink film of filled bottle trays.
  • Ensure the quarantine/rejected materials are stored separately with appropriate material status identification
  • Ensure the rework materials are handled hygienically.
  • Ensure the cleanliness, hygiene, GMP conditions are maintained in the line.
  • Finished product to be analyzed for all parameters as scheduled
  • Keeping the retention samples as decided.
  • Inspection of Finished product at Warehouse for any defect.
  • Maintaining the records in hard copy or soft copy wherever required.

Water Treatment Plant & Beverage Blending Section

  • Monitoring & Controlling the Water treatment plant Operation:
    • Ensure the Chemical Solution Preparation as per requirement
    • Ensure the chemical dosage as per requirement
    • Ensure the mineral blended water must meet the required chemical parameters
    • Ensure chemical analysis of water at various levels for the established parameters as per the frequency
    • Ensure records should be maintained as required.
    • External testing of water as per established frequency & ensure all parameters are falls within the limit. An appropriate action plan to be initiated, if exceeds limits
  • Monitoring & Controlling the Beverage Blending Operation:
    • Ensure the Beverage blending as per norms e.g. volume, Brix
    • Ensure the Sugar, Emulsion & Chemical measure as per the batch requirement
    • Ensure effective pasteurization operation & maintain the required temperature
    • Ensure correct batch no. & expiry to be mentioned in the report for traceability

Laboratory Analyst

  • Analysis of water at various stages of water treatment
  • Complete analysis of packed bottled/cup water
  • Analysis of blended beverage to confirm the specification
  • Ensure inspection of preforms/cups/caps and blown bottles is done properly.
  • Analysis of packed bottle/cup juice
  • Calibration of laboratory equipments.
  • Reagent preparation for analysis
  • Analysis of all incoming raw materials used for Water treatment plant & Beverage preparation
  • Releasing the material through written records & maintaining Material Status identification for accept/Hold/Rejection.
  • Track the materials for any expiry of raw material or aged materials for re-analysis
  • Preserving Raw Material Control samples recheck or reload as per frequency.
  • Tracking & maintaining inventory of required Laboratory Chemicals, glassware & other misc. items.
  • Maintain records of all the analyses.


Company Overview

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

MeTL Group subsidiary Maisha Bottlers & Beverages Limited (MBBL), the group’s 3rd largest factory, is Tanzania’s leading producer of drinking water and flavoured drinks. The factory also produces a wide range of plastic containers and... Read More

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