Job Detail

PDI Incharge

Company: MeTL BAJAJ
Apply Before: May 10, 2024

Job Detail

  • Location:
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Company:
  • Type:
    Full Time / Permanent
  • Career Level:
    Mid-Career Professional
  • Positions:
  • Experience:
    5 - 10 Years
  • Education:
    Advance Diploma
  • Profession:
    Technical / Vocational Trade (Mechanic / Electronic / Plumbing / etc)
  • Industry:
  • Remuneration (Net):
  • Date Posted:
    Mar 20, 2024

Job Description

  • Inspects CKD or SKD for obvious damage and missing major components.
  • Inspects vehicles for loose or misaligned items such as swingarm, side covers, and hardware.
  • Records discrepancies and signs or otherwise acknowledges an acceptance slip for each vehicle delivered.
  • Performs repairs and replaces defective items with efficiency and accuracy, in accordance with dealership and factory standards.
  • Ensures the Missing & Damaged repairs are properly documented and charged.
  • Starts the engine and drives the vehicle to test steering, brakes, Gears, and engine operation.
  • Activates power equipment such as electric wiring kits, Mobile chargers, horns, lights, and signal Indicators to ensure specified operating standards.
  • Inspects surfaces to detect minor paint damages and scratches in the paint. if it is required to do touch-ups, he has to take responsibility.
  • Inspects the fuel tank damages and scratches, if it is required to do denting work, he has to take responsibility.
  • Tunes engine if required, using technicians' tools and test equipment.
  • Washes and polishes if it is required of vehicles.
  • Keeps the assembly plant clean & tidy always.
  • Maintains and is accountable for all owned tools and manuals. Returns them to the proper place and in the same condition after completion of assembly.
  • Operates all tools and equipment in a safe manner and maintains well conditions. Like - Pneumatic tools, Compressors, compressor lines Etc.
  • Reports any safety issues immediately to the plant manager.
  • The PDI Supervisor will be responsible for inspecting the 2wh & 3wh before handing them over for sale.
  • An PDI supervisor is responsible for ensuring that he or she works correctly and efficiently without any problems.
  • PDI Supervisor is responsible to inspect the CKD & SKD Boxes. if he found any damages or missing, he has to report his plant manager.
  • Assembly PDI supervisor is responsible to verify the parts while opening the CKD /SKD.
  • Monitor the functioning of all equipment/parts and report any problems or substandard conditions to the plant manager.
  • Ensure all logbooks are maintained according to the SOP. Ex- Battery / PDI Stickers, Etc.
  • Perform cleaning of all CKD & SKD parts while doing assembly, as established cleaning procedures have to follow.
  • Perform final checks and Pre-adjustments for any loose fitments PDI supervisor have to inspect.
  • Perform installation, repair, inspection, reassembly, replacing, refitting, and adjusting products as required it has to be done under PDI supervisor observation.
  • Develop the assembly and PDI Checking procedures to develop the quality product.
  • Maintain work area clean, safe, and orderly.


Company Overview

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

MeTL Bajaj established itself as one of the fastest growing automobile companies in 2018, and is since the sole authorized distributor of Bajaj Auto India in Tanzania, consisting now of over 130 employees.

Today, the company is one of the... Read More

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