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Line Chemist

Apply Before: Nov 16, 2023

Job Detail

  • Location:
    Mbeya, Tanzania
  • Company:
  • Type:
    Full Time / Permanent
  • Career Level:
    Senior Management
  • Positions:
  • Experience:
    5 - 10 Years
  • Education:
    Vocational Trade
  • Profession:
    Technical / Vocational Trade (Mechanic / Electronic / Plumbing / etc)
  • Industry:
  • Remuneration (Net):
  • Date Posted:
    Apr 12, 2023

Job Description


  • To check production plan
  • To check syrup available
  • To check Batch No.
  • To check syrup brix
  • To check Beverage Brix (refer Syrup brix vs Beverage Brix)
  • To check the ratio & Gas Volume standard
  • To inform Mixer Operation for Brix, GV & Batch No.
  • To inform Syrup Operator to release the syrup when Mixer is ready
  • To check Preform color & cap color (refer standard chart)
  • To drain the cap rinsing tank water
  • To add chlorine & circulate to make 1-2ppm
  • To check the correct label in labeling machine (Check the flavor, volume & text matter)
  • To check Light Inspectors are in Inspection Stations
  • To check the inspection format is at inspection station
  • To check the Brix of Beverage at Mixer to release filler
  • To send the 1st bottle to Laboratory for Gas Volume & Brix
  • To inform the 1st bottle test report to Mixer Operator
  • To check the Date coding of the bottle as per requirement (Mfg, Best Before date, BNo., Line & time)
  • To check the Camera Inspection station is ON.
  • To check the warmer water temperature is OK.

Water Production: Check quality of water pH & TDS & taste/odor at filtration section before goes to line & every 30 minutes, by sending the sample to lab for testing.

Juice Production: Check the beverage Brix, pH, Acidity, Taste, Odor & Appearance before goes to line & every 30 minutes, by sending the sample to lab for testing.


  • To pick up sample from line (after date code) for every 30 minutes.
  • To check the date code on it, bottle & capping condition, color of the bottle & cap.
  • To hand over the sample to Lab for checking Brix & Gas Volume
  • To collect the sample randomly (approx. 10 samples) for net content check
  • To collect the sample from each capping head for torque test
  • To collect another set of samples from each capping head for Secure Seal test.
  • To check date coding as per requirement.
  • Every tank changeover of same flavor syrup, ask batch no. from syrup operator & change in line.
  • To check the chorine ppm in the cap rinsing tank.
  • To remove any foreign particles appears in the tank. Drain the water after every 2hrs.
  • To check the Camera inspection station rejects, whenever any faulty cap & level comes (stand near the camera inspection to check its effectiveness)
  • To check the warmer is running effectively
  • Bottle after warmer & after blower should not have any condensate
  • To check 1st manual inspection system is as per requirement (refer inspection guidance) (stand near the inspection station for some time to see the effectiveness of people inspection)
  • To check the sleeve label, if it is water production.
  • To check the labels in the bottle are OK, no peeling off, no up & down positioning
  • To check 2nd manual inspection system is as per requirement (refer inspection guidance) (stand near the inspection station for some time to see the effectiveness of people inspection)
  • To check light inspector are rotating as per rotation & writing the report (check the name with the name mentioned in the report)
  • To ensure Shrink Wrapping is OK, no loose wrapping.
  • To record any deviation & action plan taken on quality parameter deviation.
  • To collect the sample from each flavor as per the sampling plan.


  • To inform syrup operator about finish the syrup at mixer
  • To check, syrup operator put water in the tank.
  • To ask the Mixer Operator to finish the syrup in the syrup tank, before pushing.
  • To tell the Mixer operator to switch ON the pump
  • To check the brix continuously at Mixer to see the syrup brix dilution; it should not go down below 50 Brix than standard.
  • To check the last bottle from the line to ensure, the bottle is OK in terms of Brix & Gas Volume


  • To check entire syrup, beverage water is finish at Mixer
  • To check the Mixer operator changes the pipelines at Mixer for CIP.
  • To inform Syrup operator for CIP, check the signal from filling line is coming to CIP.
  • To open the CIP return valve based on the feedback from Syrup operator on which line CIP will run.
  • To open all the sampling points, drain valve very little allow to pass water for effective CIP.
  • To check the filling valve is closed with dummy.
  • To open the steam & water mixture water to flush the entire filler place, bowl, filling valve before & during CIP
  • After CIP finish, close all the sampling points, drain valve…etc.


  • OB registers to be maintained by each shift with any instruction, problem, action plan etc.
  • To handover/takeover to be done at the site.
  • To ensure housekeeping is continuously done near filling areas.
  • To ensure everybody wear cap, apron.
  • To ensure dispenser must be with sanitizer all the time. Filler operator must use when operating.
  • To ensure the filler must be having clear water & Chlorine water tub (5-10ppm)
  • To ensure whenever any spare removed or fitted during production, must deep in chlorine water thereafter clear water to clean.
  • To co-ordinate with Shift In-charge for Monthly Process Capability Study of Filler & Mixer by checking Brix, Gas Volume, Net Content without any adjustment of machine to check performance.
  • After any action plan taken on product quality deviation, immediately check for its acceptance.
  • If any product found deviating, immediately segregate by checking the time & put ON HOLD sticker


Company Overview

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

MeTL Group subsidiary Maisha Bottlers & Beverages Limited (MBBL), the group’s 3rd largest factory, is Tanzania’s leading producer of drinking water and flavoured drinks. The factory also produces a wide range of plastic containers and... Read More

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